Installing WMF 5.0 April preview release

Before installing WMF 5.0 April preview release, we have to first download it. WMF 5.0 April preview release can be downloaded from WMF 5.0 Download

Also, before installing WMF 5.0 April preview release, remember to save all your files and close applications as it would ask for restart of the server.

Installing WMF 5.0 April release is quite simple. However, ensure that the following updates are uninstalled from the Operating system before installing it.

  1. KB3055381
  2. KB3055377
  3. KB2908075

Also, there are different installers for different operating system. Based on your operating system and its processor type, proper installer should be chosen.

Windows Server 2012 R2, Windows 8.1 Pro, and Windows 8.1 Enterprise

  1. x64: WindowsBlue-KB3055381-x64.msu
  2. x86: WindowsBlue-KB3055381-x86.msu

Windows Server 2012

  1. x64: Windows8-KB3055377-x64.msu

Windows 7 SP1 and Windows Server 2008 R2 SP1

  1. x64: Windows6.1-KB2908075-x64.msu
  2. x86: Windows6.1-KB2908075-x86.msu

In this case, I am installing on 64 bit Windows Server 2012 R2 machine and so I choose “x64: WindowsBlue-KB3055381-x64.msu” installer.

Double click on the installer will start the process of installing WMF 5.0 April preview release.


Click on the Open button. It will further ask for confirmation to install. click on “yes” button.

Accept the EULA and the process of installation will start. It will approximately take a minute to install.



It will ask for restart of the server. Click on “Restart Now” button”.

After restart, you can go to control Panel | Program and Features | view Installed Updates to check the previous installation.


You can also view successful installation through Powershell using the Get-Hotfix cmdlet as shown below.


You should be able to see the below Powershell and WSMan versions as well.


Hope you enjoyed this post..



NOW WMF 5.0 Preview April release available for download !!

Windows Management Framework (WMF) 5.0 Preview April release recently released and is available for download.

The download link is WMF 5.0 Download.

There are new features mentioned as “Experimental” while some of the previous features have become “Stable”.

Enjoy the experience and experiments!!


Cmdlets for Powershell Desired State Configuration (DSC) in WMF 5.0

Desired state Configuration is coming off a long way and I personally think it still has a long way to go. However, with its latest and current February 2015 release there are many new interesting features compared to its earlier preview release. Infact, many of the features featuring in November 2014 release have now stabled.

One of the features that keeps on getting more is the support of cmdlets for managing DSC. In this new release there are as many as 18 cmdlets which is more than double from its first release in WMF 4.0.

The following command can be executed on each of the DSC versions to view the cmdlets available.

Following will be results in different WMF versions

In WMF 4.0 version, following commands were available


In WMF 5.0 version of November 2014 release, the commands were


And in its February 2015 preview release, they are


You can see that the features and functionalities provided are ever increasing to DSC full featured configuration management and deployment framework with enough commands at the hands of the DevOps people.

Cheers to DSC !!