Azure Site Recovery: Hyper-V to Azure Part – 3

In this series of articles, I would show how to make Azure Site Recovery work with Hyper-V- step by step.

This is part 3 of the series.

Goto the file location where the AzureSiteRecoveryProvider.exe was download and double click on it to launch and install it on the server.

Select on for Windows update on the resultant wizard window.


Select the installation location or leave the default one and click on install button.


This would install two components

1. Azure Recovery Services Agent and
2. Azure Site Recovery Provider.


Click on Continue button to configure them.

On the resultant “Internet connection” windows, check the appropriate option button. There is no proxy server in my environment and hence I selected “Connected directly without a proxy”. The windows should show that it is connected to internet.


Click on next button and select the previously downloaded vaultcredentials file by clicking the Browse button. This would result in filling the other inputboxes. The wizard queries the Azure vault with the certificate and key data available in the vaultcredentials file for verification. The vault name should reflect productionvault and Hyper-v site should reflect productionDRsite both created earlier.


Click on next button. Now the registration process starts. The certificate information is extracted from the vaultcredentials file and installed into the local computer certificate store. If there are no error, the below screen should be visible.


Click on finish button. With this the provider is successfully installed on the hyper-v server.

In next part (part-4), we will continue with the step by step guide and create the storage account along with protection groups.

stay tuned!



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